27.3.10 –> my COLLECTION

Today I couldn’t go anywhere… So I decided to make up my room after the national exam test some days before…

This is my messy desk that I took this picture few days before I did the final exam… So full of booksssss…

Then, I tried to collect my bracelets and my necklaces again and I putted them into one box… So I can be easier to find which accessories must I wear…

And these are my earrings collections that I tried to put them into one piece of fabric, on my bedroom wall.

It can used to be a decoration room too… Don’t you think so???

I organized my photos with my friends in the Senior High School and made them to be one piece of the art of my room…

In memory with my classmates…

Taraaaa!!!! I found some belts that I had forget them before… I collect them and let them hank…

Note: Because of my decide to clean up my room, I can enjoy my comfortable room right now… My day felt more shiner because of the clean room… I could find some outfit or accessories that I was forget. Now, I can use them again and combine it with other new outfit… Hopefully you can do same things like me… MAKE UP YOUR ROOM NOW!!! :p


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