28.3.10 –> Nice Layering

Sunday, time for holiday and get some relaxation… So, today I decided to go to shopping and just took a walk with my sister and my best friends…

I used layering style and you can see from my cute blue and pink vest, and also my soft white scarf. It is really  lovely knitting scarf…

I completed my look with brown wedges sandals that have dirt color. Look at the detail on my wedges sandals, it have a cool detail that made my performance feel great… Don’t you feel so?

And about the bag… I love it because it have the same color and match with my wedges sandals… I got that from my lovely Mom!! ^^

And she is my sister. She have a good taste for her fashion… She wore long white vest, black tank top, and cute high black skirt… She really looks great!!

I love her cute train bag… Its fun, right??!

And her white wedges shoes… Really cool!!

Had a dinner in Bentoya Japanese Restaurant that night in Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya with my sister, and my best friend… 🙂

My layering style inspiration are:

Really cute…

Strong and trendy… It is smart to combine man collar shirt with blouse or tang top inside…

Note: Layering style is one of the most beautiful outfit that I love… But remember, never to much to layer your outfit… It just make your fashion look terrible… 😦


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