29.3.10 –> Breakfast love boots

Morninnnnggg!!! Breakfast time… Today I made a cup of hot cappucinno… and scramble eggs with a slice of bread…

Yummyyy…. 🙂

I made my breakfast by myself… It was easy and fast to made scramble eggs, and I didn’t forget to add some cheese into that scramble egg…. Yippyyyy!!!

And I love this black boots… So chic that combined with casual, or trendy style…I love black boots because can make the performance looks great. We don’t need to wear to much detail in our outfit, just a simple and neutral outfit… It’s perfect match with the boots.

Left: She look brave with that outfit… The shipper in the middle of her little black dress give an brave accent. So with her cap that so funky…

Middle: Red shoes and gold hand bag, made her performance looks perfect and shocking… It’s smart to give a little shocking things without in our outfit. Like about the shoes or bag…

Right: I love the red line in the middle of her blouse 🙂

Combine your monotone sweater with light and brave color of little dress or shirt… It will be so different and cool!!!


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