30.3.10 –> ETHIC fashion

I wore outfit today with a touched of ethic fashion… My short vest is so cute and really ethic…

I wore it with a simple green dress from cotton… That was so comfortable and fun!!

And so the black ankle boots. I love that ankle boots because that was a pick-a-boo side behind it. Yeah, the leopard pattern… That is looks brave and I loved to use it with my outfit today…

My lovely necklace was made in Bali… It have a good detail for the flower…

My detail of my black vest… Don’t you think that is fun??

My bracelets completed¬† my performance today… I love this composed of my outfit today…

Voila… So, this is my complete performance today…

My fashion inspirations today are:

Ethnic fashion is a lovely fashion that I ever met. It’s really touch my heart when I saw them. Besides I saw them were combined with other outfit that really simple… So simple, so lovely, so ethic…

Moreover, I live in Indonesia, that every people now, Indonesia is an ethnic country. So, the blood of ethnic always flow in my body…

Hopefully, every people can use the ethic that their country have, because they are really rich culture that we have.

And in modern way, ethnic fashion from Indonesia culture or other country culture are little beat booming. We can use them with our modern and urban outfit… Really chic, lovely, and cool!!!


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