Movie Inspiration Part 1: “Devil Wears Prada”

Right, this is the interesting movie, especially for fashion lovers…

The changing from nothing people into an everything people…

Had you see this movie??

Tell me what do you think about this movie!! OK?!

Many inspiration I get from this movie…

Look at this, I love her hat… It make her performances look different!! 🙂

Pretty look!! Simple dress with brown belt… Her beauty is looked natural… And I love her sunglasses too!!

So chic with her blazer, and wait! Is that legging or boots?? Can you help me??!

Every people must agree with me, her brown bag is so exciting!!

Beautiful in white… All is white… Looked perfect!!

Note: Never afraid to change into a better person. But never forget who you really are. Just be your self!!


3 thoughts on “Movie Inspiration Part 1: “Devil Wears Prada”

  1. This movie is one of my favourites, clearly for the fashion! every bag myranda walked in with i got a warm fuzzy feeling inside! gorgeous costumes. great blog!

    check out my blog if you get bored! x

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