Movie Inspiration Part 2: “Confessions of a Shopaholic”

Confessions of a Shopaholic: fun movie with great fashion inspiration

Had you see this movie??

Let’s share about your opinion about it!!

Same like us, she is a shopaholic that always want to buy everything about fashion!!

If you really shopaholic, you must watch this movie!!

Everything in yellow… So cute!!

Purple balloon jacket is looked so cute, with little shocking in her feather boots!!

I don’t suggest you to follow her performance in this dress. I think it’s to childish dress!!

How fun her mini dress with shocking blue color. Plus, with her colorful gingham coat!!

Note: In the end of this movie, we can take the moral, that fashion is not always about spend money, but sometimes we can make a money from fashion.

So, wanna get more money from fashion??!! Wait for more information in cindycatwalk’s blog that will search some designer… Sssts… It’s secret!! But you must prepare your self to be the best designer ever!!

For more information, I invite all of you, fashion lovers, to be fashion inspiration with the newest program!!



Give a ratting and comments for this post!! 🙂 Thank you…


2 thoughts on “Movie Inspiration Part 2: “Confessions of a Shopaholic”

  1. well i have watched it before.
    n it made me think twice about spending money xD
    fashion is one of girl’s confesion right? @@

    • That’s right! I had been thinking about that… But I love the ending.
      The ending of this story told us that shopping isn’t always about spending money, but we can make money from them too.
      Like with selling some outfit, to be designer for a garment factory, or etc…
      And buy some outfit that we need with a good quality, and a good price…
      Hopefully we can more smart to spending our money, moreover for fashion, one of the girl’s need!
      Thank you, Sansan… 🙂

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