Few weeks ago, we had our high school graduation. It’s mean, we’re not high school students again. We’ll continue our study into a university or collage… 🙂

This is our memory that saving in this lovely book…

After my graduation, my family and I had dinner together…

Giordano fancy t-shirt | mini brown skirt | colorful scarf | brown sandals | white bracelets


Naughty Jakarta

Why ‘Naughty Jakarta’??

Because a lot of things in this city are very naughty. It’s mean, many amusement park in Jakarta that really fun!! They are awesome!! Many people want to go to Jakarta just because their amusement park like Ancol 🙂

So, I wore my casual style with over-size white t-shirt with big cartoon. And also I wore legging vintage with black color. They are really comfortable and stylist 🙂

Seaword is a part of Ancol in Jakarta. We can see many species of animal that live in the sea. Like fish, tortoise, and other kind of sea animal.

Look, I touch the tortoise… It’s fun!! 🙂

Little shark… Hmmm…

He is my Dad that touch Pari fish from the outside of giant aquarium in Sea World.

My sisters: Candy and Cheryl, and also my Mom…

We ask some help to other visitor there to help us to snap this photo 🙂

Oh My God! I really don’t want to repeat this vehicle again. It namely Tornado.

I wanted to crying a loud when it started. It had push my adrenaline into the highest one… It turned my foot up and my head in the bottom. My body like fly away and I can’t imagine it again. It was my fear, and it become my fear until today 😦

Foot fly on the sky…

Really, I must thinking hundred times again to repeat this Tornado until now…

That day must the funnest day we had in Jakarta. But it need a big brave to push your adrenaline

Let’s come and try it!! No matter where you from. From other city in Indonesia or from other country out there. Jakarta wait you with this naughty game!! Try it!!

So, will you try it in Dufan, Jakarta??

Sexy Color in Wonderland

Playing with color is wonderful. Mixing many sexy color is really fabulous…

I took this photo before go to my friend birthday party. The themes of her party is Wonderland!!

I wore brown hat that I bought from Bandung last holiday.

My dress is so colorful and unique. I brought it from Jakarta. The fabric is made from India.

I also wore brown belt and brown bag.

To make my performance looks more perfect and wonderful, I wore shocking purple stocking and unique high heels from Charles and Keith.

I also wore beautiful bracelet, necklace, and earings with sexy color to for that night.

Welcome to the wonderland!!

Note: Special thanks for my lovely friend, Indah.

For your lovely birthday party: Indah in Wonderland.

Happy sweet seventeen for you.

Hopefully your dream will come true… 🙂

Hot Girl, Welcome to Jakarta

Last week, my family and me had holiday in Jakarta.

I took this photo when I arrived first time in my hotel’s room.

In Juanda, Surabaya Airport. Drinking a glass of my favorite hot cappuccino.

It’s the view from my room in hotel. Traffic-jam in Jakarta always happen, especially on the weekday.

It’s really fancy style that I really love…

It looks like elegant. Love it!

dark green feather jacket | black bossini tank-top | box pattern short |

black ankle boots with tiger skin motive

Not Ordinary Princess of Sunset

I wanna be not ordinary princess, that have really different meaning about princess. Princess not just about beauty or something expensive…

Sometimes, the best princess is the simplest one…

I took this picture with a little bit sunset light on the afternoon…

I think, the best way to be not ordinary princess is to be as simple as your heart…

T-shirt: Bossini, Skirt: old collection, Scarf: Rip Curl, Bracelet: from Bali,  Floral Heels: from Atom’s boutique

Last Day in Bali: I Miss You All T.T

That day was our last day in Bali… We spent our last day in Bedugul in the morning until noon…

Bedugul has a beautiful scenery. We can look beautiful lake with some water games that really fun!!

I wore comfy outfits. Dark blue tank-top, light-yellow scarf, and also three-quarter Giordano pants.

We took this photo in Joger, place where we can find some gift that really unique from Bali…

I bought some souvenirs for my family and my friends… I will be fun!!

See in Bali on other chance!!! 🙂

Sinlui’s Fabulous Prom Night

This is one of the view in our Hotel for stay in Bali…

I wore Bali dress in the noon, with soft pink tank-top and a black hat…

Bali is really hot in the noon because the sun shining so bright…

I wore this beautiful dress from one boutique in Surabaya for prom night that day. I love the dress’ cutting that really easy and simple.

On 2010, 5th June, the prom night was begin with really cool band from my school. We had prom night near the sea, on the beach in Sanur. It was really amazing. Before the prom night was begin, we had a holy mass on the beach. That was the first time when I got a communion on the beach. I felt really happy and I can’t forget that moment…

These are me and my classmate, Debora. She is the tallest lady in my class. Beside that, she has the longest black hair  in our generation in Sinlui.

That night, we took this picture together, after we gave some surprise to Mr. Bono, our teacher.

We sat on the sand, returned our memories in high school…

High school is the sweetest memories ever… I had my best-friends there, I had my family there, I had my best teacher there, and I had my best experience there…

Like other people said, that high school will never end… =)

Second Day: Kuta and Jimbaran

On the second day in Bali, after swimming and playing slides in Water-Boom Bali, my friends and me went to Discovery Shopping Mall for get some shopping there. Honestly, I got nothing because we didn’t have enough time to got some shopping there 😦

There are some beautiful view behind the mall. There are beautiful Kuta Beach, that very famous in Bali.

I wore white t-shirt that be my classmate’s uniform there. I wore short and a hat.

This is traditional market in the Kuta.

Many tourist from foreign country come to here and got some shopping something that be Bali’s icon.

We had dinner in Jimbaran. Many restaurant in there have a beach concept, that serve sea food with a beautiful sun set as a view… 🙂

This was a view in Jimbaran after the sunset.

Having Fun at Benoa

That day was 2010, 3rd June. We came to Tanjung Benoa in Bali to played some water games, like banana boat, flying fish, jet sky, diving, sea walker, or etc.

Fey and me were playing flying fish. Look that blue things that flew on the sea. I felt so nervous when we flew!! Cool!!!

Tanjung Benoa is the best place for water games in Bali. Many tourist come to here for some have fun with friends.

This is me and my other friends. We played banana boat. It’s so fun!!

It’s Silence Four. My lovely classmate that always still together!!! We took this picture in the noon after had been playing in Benoa… I miss this moment X[

Cintaku di Dermaga: Launching My First Book

Thanks God my wish and my dream come true… My first book had been launching… I love it!!

This is my Dad’s mini library…

Today I wore black tank-top with yellow gingham blouse for outfit… I wore Lee Cooper blue jeans and yellow open toe pump…

I wrote this book since from my Junior High School. Many years ago it just stayed in my computer’s file… But now, you can enjoy it, and you can get it in Togamas Book Store in Indonesia.

I wore bracelets that I found in Bali last holiday… They are so cute and artistic…

Writing is one of my other hobbies. And I really really enjoy it!!

Beside that, I really enjoy for painting too. So I decided for painting the cover’s animations too…

This is my first book, Cintaku di Dermaga. With Indonesian language and for teenagers…

Thanks for all of you… =D

Note for Indonesian (Catatan untuk teman-teman Indonesia…) :

Tentang buku…

Judul: Cintaku di Dermaga

Pengarang: Cindy Puteri Gunawan

Tempat beli: sementara ini bisa didapat di semua Toko Buku Togamas di Indonesia 🙂


Tetap saja sikap jelek ibuku sangat tidak menyenangkan. Pantas saja hingga di satu titik tertentu, ada hal yang membuat ayah tidak menyukainya. Buktinya, akhirnya mereka bercerai juga. Hal ini membuatku tidak pernah percaya lagi dengan janji pernikahan.

Mataku hanyalah mata seorang gadis biasa. Punya keterbatasan oleh ruang dan waktu. Di mana mungkin hidupku demikian, tidak bisa ku prediksi sejak awal. Sejauh apakah hidupku akan berlangsung? Apakah aku akan menjadi gadis yang membanggakan? Sama seperti jika aku kini memandang ke lautan lepas, aku tidak pernah tahu kapan aku akan menemukan sebuah daratan, atau kapan aku akan mendapat tangkapan yang besar saat perjalanan ini.

Satu hal yang kuyakini: Kekuatan berasal dari perjuangan. Perjuangan terjadi karena keberanian. Dan keberanian ada karena cinta. Hingga perjalananku berlangsung, aku masih tidak sapat menemukan daratan tempatku berlabuh. Kini aku masih mengapung di tengah lautan bebas, berharap agar dewi keberuntungan memihak padaku untuk mendapat tangkapan ikan yang besar.

Selamat membaca… 🙂