Sinlui’s Fabulous Prom Night

This is one of the view in our Hotel for stay in Bali…

I wore Bali dress in the noon, with soft pink tank-top and a black hat…

Bali is really hot in the noon because the sun shining so bright…

I wore this beautiful dress from one boutique in Surabaya for prom night that day. I love the dress’ cutting that really easy and simple.

On 2010, 5th June, the prom night was begin with really cool band from my school. We had prom night near the sea, on the beach in Sanur. It was really amazing. Before the prom night was begin, we had a holy mass on the beach. That was the first time when I got a communion on the beach. I felt really happy and I can’t forget that moment…

These are me and my classmate, Debora. She is the tallest lady in my class. Beside that, she has the longest black hair  in our generation in Sinlui.

That night, we took this picture together, after we gave some surprise to Mr. Bono, our teacher.

We sat on the sand, returned our memories in high school…

High school is the sweetest memories ever… I had my best-friends there, I had my family there, I had my best teacher there, and I had my best experience there…

Like other people said, that high school will never end… =)


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