Naughty Jakarta

Why ‘Naughty Jakarta’??

Because a lot of things in this city are very naughty. It’s mean, many amusement park in Jakarta that really fun!! They are awesome!! Many people want to go to Jakarta just because their amusement park like Ancol šŸ™‚

So, I wore my casual style with over-size white t-shirt with big cartoon. And also I wore legging vintage with black color. They are really comfortable and stylist šŸ™‚

Seaword is a part of Ancol in Jakarta. We can see many species of animal that live in the sea. Like fish, tortoise, and other kind of sea animal.

Look, I touch the tortoise… It’s fun!! šŸ™‚

Little shark… Hmmm…

He is my Dad that touch Pari fish from the outside of giant aquarium in Sea World.

My sisters: Candy and Cheryl, and also my Mom…

We ask some help to other visitor there to help us to snap this photo šŸ™‚

Oh My God! I really don’t want to repeat this vehicle again. It namely Tornado.

I wanted to crying a loud when it started. It had push my adrenaline into the highest one… It turned my foot up and my head in the bottom. My body like fly away and I can’t imagine it again. It was my fear, and it become my fear until today šŸ˜¦

Foot fly on the sky…

Really, I must thinking hundred times again to repeat this Tornado until now…

That day must the funnest day we had in Jakarta. But it need a big brave to push your adrenaline

Let’s come and try it!! No matter where you from. From other city in Indonesia or from other country out there. Jakarta wait you with this naughty game!! Try it!!

So, will you try it in Dufan, Jakarta??


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