Welcome Home!


Welcome home, Everybody!!


What a lovely Gap vintage :)

Gorgeous ankle boots from Charles and Keith

Welcome home, Everybody!!


Sexy Color in Wonderland

Playing with color is wonderful. Mixing many sexy color is really fabulous…

I took this photo before go to my friend birthday party. The themes of her party is Wonderland!!

I wore brown hat that I bought from Bandung last holiday.

My dress is so colorful and unique. I brought it from Jakarta. The fabric is made from India.

I also wore brown belt and brown bag.

To make my performance looks more perfect and wonderful, I wore shocking purple stocking and unique high heels from Charles and Keith.

I also wore beautiful bracelet, necklace, and earings with sexy color to for that night.

Welcome to the wonderland!!

Note: Special thanks for my lovely friend, Indah.

For your lovely birthday party: Indah in Wonderland.

Happy sweet seventeen for you.

Hopefully your dream will come true… 🙂