Welcome Home!


Welcome home, Everybody!!


What a lovely Gap vintage :)

Gorgeous ankle boots from Charles and Keith

Welcome home, Everybody!!


Absolutely, College Has Made Me Insane!!!

To be honest, I wrote this post because of the honour because of 23.566 peoples still come and love my fashion blog until now, even though I wrote rarely for this blissful blog. Somehow, I’ve attempted to write perfectly in my fashion blog as an honour for my followers.

College has made me insane because of the busy schedules I must follow making me didn’t have enough time for taking some photo-shoots and writing for you. However, my passion in fashion has come from the deepest side of my heart, pushing me away to write again. I can’t believe people’s passion for this fashion blog that most of them come from America, and the rest come from Indonesia and others. All of you, my blog’s readers, are my best friends. Therefore, I gave you this newest post.

My friend, Dinni, has taken these pictures at the end of last year. I wore my own vintage that I’ve designed together with my friend who is a professional designer. I really love the simple white blouse, and also the floral skirt. They’ve made me feel so feminine at all. The red sunglass is my sister’s collection which can make that look is more powerful and also nerdy. And again, my favourite simple white high-heel is the Bellagio’s collection with a wood detail at the bottom side.

It is my honour to be with all of you again, Guys… I love you all…




My Secret Wish

My secret wish… It’s amazing when I wore this lovely gray dress, with tiger texture for my stocking… I wore this outfit when I went to my friend’s birthday party, Chirstie…

I wore Diane von Furstenberg gray dress, dark brown big belt, tiger pattern stocking, black ankle boots, and some pretty bracelet… It was so fun!!! 🙂

Note: Special thanks for my lovely friend, Chirstie…

Happy Birthday for you 🙂

Paris van Java

We went to Bandung, and arrived in Rumah Mode Bandung that sell many fashion item, and also there is some resto food there…

I enjoyed my Kelapa Muda Jeruk that consist of orange juice, sugar, and young coconut that really yummy and fresh… 🙂

We got a lot of shopping there…

Then, we went to Paris van Java, outdoor concept mall in Bandung that really famous with the outdoor shopping.

It’s really fun in Bandung. The weather is good, not to hot like Jakarta… We love it!!!