Fashion Quotes by GoGirl! Magazine

Thanks for GoGirl! Magazine…

Thanks for your precious inspiration of fashion… XD


Totally Black

Totally black is totally cool!!

I love it!!

I’m inspired from Mafia…

Black hat, black blazer, black pants, and also black boots…


These outfits are very adorable…

I give little touch that pretty cool in my strawberry necklace…

It’s look cute!!

Boho Girl

Yippiee!!! Really fantastic Boho!! Go Boho girl!!

I wore antique necklace from Bali… Really cute!! 🙂

And I wore hippie head band from wood necklace…

My belt made from many kind of beads!! So lovely…

I wore white blouse with long art skirt… The Boho looks so perfect!!

I love Boho looks! It give me fantastic feel… So cool !!

Fashion Destination Part 1: English

It’s pretty cool to talk about English fashion right now!!

English fashions are smart!!

We can look from some big brand come from English, like Burberry!

Let’s get the inspiration from English…

Love you! 🙂

Movie Inspiration Part 3: “The Clique”

This outfit are good performance… The blazer, blouse, with white skirt and white stocking. So, matching…

And so with the white hat that so fun!! I love it!!

Wanna follow her fashion style??!

Simple dress can be looked different with long socks touch. And so with the high heels. Perfect!

Classic, simple, and fun!!

Who love the pink blouse??!

Note: Maybe that’s a good idea to have same fashion style with your best friend. Your best friend can be your fashion inspiration too… 🙂