Black and White

Black and white outfit always looks gorgeous, don’t you think so??

I wanna wear that black and white outfit and take their picture after this!! Wait for it!! 🙂


Graffiti Style!! Impressive!!

When you looking for your free soul, this is may can be your inspiration!! Fashion with Graffiti Style!!

Impressive, ha?? 😉

Wanna try??

Fashion Destination Part 1: English

It’s pretty cool to talk about English fashion right now!!

English fashions are smart!!

We can look from some big brand come from English, like Burberry!

Let’s get the inspiration from English…

Love you! 🙂


Really fun when I took this picture in my little garden in my house…

I wore gold bracelet with many ornaments. They are really awesome!!

I also love my white necklace that made in Bali. It was compliments my little floral dress…

I love the details of my floral dress. The lace of the bottom of my little floral dress were give a different touch…

The boots have a good detail. That were a leopard pattern behind my black ankle boots…

I also combining with long black  sock.

Really fun, right??!

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Thank you… 🙂

Morning Floral with GUESS Blazer

Thanks GOD, that morning was a sunny day when I took this photos with my sister!

I took this picture in road near my house…

I love the view… So wonderful!

I wore pink floral dress from Rip Curl, and also GUESS blazer with khaki color…

Enough warm which mix with my pink floral dress…

It’s so chic with long white earrings…

I wore white platform high heels from Bellagio…

The white color with a lovely wood detail on the platform were so cute!!

Don’t you see that??!!

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I wait it!!

See yaa!! 🙂

Movie Inspiration Part 4: “Clueless”

Film Clueless identically with make over. With make over, people can appear more confident.

And I think that’s right… Make over doesn’t same with be other people.

Just to show our best, and correction our worst, to be a better person. Do you agree??

She was really love her self and always take care with her body!!

She help her not popular student at her school, and change her performance to be better…

Fashion tells people about who you are!!

Nice accessories! With a cross necklace on her plain shirt.

That little red head-craft is so cute…

Movie Inspiration Part 3: “The Clique”

This outfit are good performance… The blazer, blouse, with white skirt and white stocking. So, matching…

And so with the white hat that so fun!! I love it!!

Wanna follow her fashion style??!

Simple dress can be looked different with long socks touch. And so with the high heels. Perfect!

Classic, simple, and fun!!

Who love the pink blouse??!

Note: Maybe that’s a good idea to have same fashion style with your best friend. Your best friend can be your fashion inspiration too… 🙂

Movie Inspiration Part 2: “Confessions of a Shopaholic”

Confessions of a Shopaholic: fun movie with great fashion inspiration

Had you see this movie??

Let’s share about your opinion about it!!

Same like us, she is a shopaholic that always want to buy everything about fashion!!

If you really shopaholic, you must watch this movie!!

Everything in yellow… So cute!!

Purple balloon jacket is looked so cute, with little shocking in her feather boots!!

I don’t suggest you to follow her performance in this dress. I think it’s to childish dress!!

How fun her mini dress with shocking blue color. Plus, with her colorful gingham coat!!

Note: In the end of this movie, we can take the moral, that fashion is not always about spend money, but sometimes we can make a money from fashion.

So, wanna get more money from fashion??!! Wait for more information in cindycatwalk’s blog that will search some designer… Sssts… It’s secret!! But you must prepare your self to be the best designer ever!!

For more information, I invite all of you, fashion lovers, to be fashion inspiration with the newest program!!



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Movie Inspiration Part 1: “Devil Wears Prada”

Right, this is the interesting movie, especially for fashion lovers…

The changing from nothing people into an everything people…

Had you see this movie??

Tell me what do you think about this movie!! OK?!

Many inspiration I get from this movie…

Look at this, I love her hat… It make her performances look different!! 🙂

Pretty look!! Simple dress with brown belt… Her beauty is looked natural… And I love her sunglasses too!!

So chic with her blazer, and wait! Is that legging or boots?? Can you help me??!

Every people must agree with me, her brown bag is so exciting!!

Beautiful in white… All is white… Looked perfect!!

Note: Never afraid to change into a better person. But never forget who you really are. Just be your self!!